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Toe Switch Scribble Strip Display Setting


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When I first had my Helix Floor, the Scribble strip for the toe switch on the expression pedal could be assigned to show the effect or a custom label. Since I’ve changed a setting to show the percentage of the expression pedal position. I want to return it to a custom effect name. I forgot how to do this? Please advise. 

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1 hour ago, phil_m said:

Global Settings>Displays>Pedal Position Display

Ive tried both the temporary and persistent settings with no change. It just displays “EXP 1 100%”. I would like it to display the name of the effect block such as “Volume” “Wah” “Drive” etc. 

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Hi - Yes I've noticed that the scribble strip over the EXP pedal can be tricky to set.  The Command Centre will allow you to do this but only if the Toe Switch has been set to bypass a block.


1. Select any block / BYPASS ASSIGN / Set to EXP TOE

2. Go to COMMAND CENTRE / Press CUSTOMISE (Enter label here) / OK 

3. SAVE !


Let me know if this worked for you. 


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