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HX Stomp freezes after 2 hour of usage


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HX Stomp hangs after 1.5-2 hour of use, the device gets unresponsive and there is no sound at all (bypass isn't working). Sometimes reboot helps, sometimes it hangs on reboot as well. The device itself is very warm, maybe it is overheating or something. The firmware is 3.11. What should I do with that? 

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HX Stomp running warm is not abnormal. Not to worry. Line 6 has posted it is designed to operate that way; it is a consequence of its compact design.


As for it hanging or freezing up. the best thing to do is: First, backup your custom Presets, if any, which you may wish to preserve. Next, do a Factory Reset of the device.

Next, redownload and reinstall HX Edit on your computer and allow it to reinstall all the drivers and software to your computer. Next, connect your HX Stomp to your computer, and allow HX Edit to reinstall all of the firmware to your HX Stomp. Then, see if the problem persists -- before you reinstall any custom presets you may have backed up.


It is entirely possible that some of your custom Presets may have been corrupted or improperly converted to the current 3.11 firmware.


If you then reinstall any such presets follow the instructions exactly to allow firmware 3.11 to rebuild all the Presets!


Starting with a Factory Reset and clean software reinstall to, both, your computer and the HX Stomp will help troubleshoot and isolate the problem. 


If you still have problems after doing the above, submit a Support Ticket with Line 6 and they'll get you sorted out!

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