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4CM Cable?


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Just a thought but.... one of the things I really dislike about 4CM is all those cables. They look messy, get tangled and are a pain to deal with.


Is there such a thing as a cable that contains (it would actually be 3 because 1 of the 4 is the guitar cable itself) a bunch of 1/4 inch ended cables separated enough at the ends to connect to input/fx loop etc... ?


They would need to be colour coded each end (obviously) but effectively a cable with 3 cables inside it.


Obviously you could just tape 3 cables together but that's scruffy.


Just a thought...

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1 hour ago, SaschaFranck said:

The guitar cable isn't part of that. Unless you'd like to plug your guitar in on the floor. It's really just 3 cables. Send to amp/FX, return from amp/FX, output to amp return/input. I used to use shrink tubes and made these things myself.


Yeah - that's why I said it would be 3 cables.

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