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Standalone Looper Pedal with Spider IV Edit


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I was wondering if anyone has been able to get a standalone looper pedal to work with a line 6 Spider IV 75. The main issue is that changing to a different channel also changes the recording of the loop. I understand why that is happening. I was hoping I could find something in the Spider IV Edit software to get around this.


I had also found some posts on another site from about 8 years ago with the same problem. Their solution was updating the software and that they could change channels without affecting the loop recording.  I updated mine to V2.0. Same problem.


Does it seem possible without having to buy additional stuff?


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No, you can't keep the sound of the loop and change the amp's patch for a new sound to play over the loop if you are using the amp's speaker.  You would need a post-FX input/output to do so (FX loop).  Spider Edit allows you to write/change your patches for the amp but won't allow you the looper functionality you are seeking.


If you take the DI/headphone output of the Spider amp and run that to your looper (watch your levels!), then run the looper's output to another amp or PA, you can then change the amp's patch without affecting the looper-recorded patch.

These were always the drawbacks for the Spider amps - no FX loop, and using the DI/headphone jack mutes the speaker.

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