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so i import wrong BUNDLE file to my setlist. and i feel badly before 100% done.


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hi. im a beatbox artist. so i using helix. and i doin jammin with loops.

and sharing stuffs with other artists.. yeah! but

i import wrong bundles. and i turn off my HX EDIT before done to import .

cause i feels like "oh sh..!" and i reboot my helix. and its everything gone.

i didn't back ups.. but i need to using that presets..!!

any advices??!???? i need help. thanks :)

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Yikes! Well shutting down HX Edit before it was done was bad… You probably need to do a factory reset to get things working again. When you say we’re importing the wrong bundle, it implies you thought you had a right one saved. You don’t have one ?


As far as a backup, have you ever updated the Helix firmware? You should have a backup from that.


Beyond that, I don’t have good news. There isn’t any sort of automatic backup with Helix presets. Once you overwrite them they’re gone. You need to export them in one way or another to have them backed up.

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