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L6 Helix Rack/DT50 integration/live setup


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Is the Helix Rack able to be combined with a DT50 Head for live sound?

Many of the forums on here now are quite outdated and many say something like "you can't combine helix/DT amps yet, but in they are working on it," well how about now in almost 2022. Or if someone has a link to some more recent forums.

Can a DT50 be used with a Helix Rack for a live sound set up.

Thanks Line 6 Community.

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You can but you need to manually select the topology and class, etc. Per preset. Helix will not automatically select the optimal settings for each amp model as the HD500 does. I ran a DT25, DT50 head with Helix and a JTV-59. Great setup for sure. Just a bit more tedious to work with.

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