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i'm pissed ! line 6 apparently can keep their website working ... i'm trying to buy the metal shop pack and it takes all my info and tells me i must agree to the terms and conditions... ok no problem if they would give me the freaking link or check box!!!   then i go to update my billing info and tells me i can use my state or province ??? get your crap together line 6  

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What device are you planning to use the Metal Pack with? Is your device registered?

Which link/check box are you talking about - the one agreeing to the terms/conditions, or one that would point you to the Metal Pack download? Please describe the sequence of steps/webpages that you are seeing.

What computer/device and web browser are you using?

Is there a problem with being able to use your state/province, or did you mean to say you can't use it?


I understand your frustration, but it's not helpful in trying to resolve your problem.

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i figured it out .. its back door but it worked .. when entering the address i had to select "country first" which doesn't make since that it would be 3rd from the bottom option  ... but device is pod xt live 


also once i got the address thing squared away the "terms" check box showed up .... i think some i.t. guys need to be contacted with these issues 

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