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Can we disable "bypass select" when holding a button in play view.?


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So sometimes I hold a foot switch down long enough for it to switch from Stomp play screen to the edit select bypass button screen.  Then I look down and cannot let if the button is on or off and need to press it again to find out and sometimes It was in  the right state and I just enabled the effect at the wrong time.  Granted using a button to enable/disable a tremlo for a phrase in "Whats the frequency Kenneth" might be the wrong thing.  It still seems like it should just be disabled in play view.  Am I missing a configuration option to to this?




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You don't need to press it again. Just take your foot off the footswitch and the screen will return to stomp mode with the FX unaltered - in other words if it was 'on' when you pressed it, it will reappear in the 'on' position when you take your foot off and the view changes back from edit mode to stomp mode. It's intentionally set that way so you can't make a mistake - you can only change the on/off state of an fx by a quick press of the pedal, and then you'll see it change.


 Also, if you keep the fx button pressed, it will only stay in edit mode for 2-3 seconds - after that it will then automatically switch back to stomp mode anyway. 


Finally, if you wanted to press an FX switch to go into edit mode without it returning automatically, you can set this in global settings (see p 38 of the Pod Go Wireless manual):



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