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Searching And Adding Tones In Custom Tone


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Hello all!


    I'm trying to use custom tone to store my patches so I can either share them, and recall them. I can't figure out how to find them though. I'm naming them all using my user name, a space,  followed by the patch name. I figured that way when I enter my user name all the patches would come up. Problem is, when I search, '0 tones found' comes up. I'm using an HD500, HD edit, and a mac. 

  Where am I wrong?



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Relying on Line 6 to store them for you is not likely to end well. Been tons of complaints about the website lately, specifically many patches disappearing from custom tones. Save them in HD edit and store them on your computer, at least that way you'll know where they are.

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CustomTone hasn't been my friend lately... many moons ago that is.

If I remember right you can drag the patch directly into HDEdit once you downloaded it to your PC.

I might have even dragged directly from CustomTone to HDEdit?

Seems to me the CustomTone interface/app is due for a refresh?

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