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Mission Engineering EP1 L6 Suddenly Not Working with HX Effects


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Hi People,


I recently bought a Mission Engineering EP1 L6 to go with my HX Effects (I used a Dunlop Mini Dvp1 previously).

The EP1 has worked great for about 2 weeks with all my presets/snapshots. Then all of a sudden it won't work. Its basically not moving the "position" parameter or activating/bypassing. Sometimes it will move from 1 to 5% in the heel down position, but nothing above that. This applies to Wah, Volume and pitch. Its plugged into EXP1.


Any help would be great,



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Test#1 would be the cable. Try a different one. Test#2 would be the EP1. Try it with a different device if possible. Test#3 would be a change in the Helix settings for EXP2 (e.g. an inadvertent change to the Max position). Then try a factory reset on the Helix (after creating backups, of course). If the problem persists after those tests come back with further details.

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Thanks for your response Silverhead. 


Test#1 Cable didn't make a difference. Test#2 Tried EP1 with my POD GO and worked as expected. Test#3 Max and Min settings seem to be the same and are all set to EXP1.

I carried out a factory reset also, but still behaving the same.


Thanks again.

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4 hours ago, C4TH said:

One thing I have noticed though, is that I use EXP1 for expression and EXP2 for channel switching. If I make a change to EXP2 (Tip/Ring,etc) it seems to effect EXP1’s behaviour.


Have you tried restoring JUST the Global Settings? This might help if those became corrupt in any way. 


I believe on an HX FX this is it... 

Restore Globals: Hold footswitches 4 + 5 during start up.

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