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HX FX Failed after 7 days of ownership


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I just bought an HXFX but it has developed a lockup and whistle fault epic fail line 6 I  am more likely to look somewhere else from now on, your kit keeps dying on me.


My POD HD 500 X died and then my line6 looper  I mean its very shoddy,very shoddy indeed.  I cant trust your kit at a gig if their were any gigs going.



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I'm sorry your having problems... I'm just providing another view point of Line 6 reliability. 

IMO, I keep wasting money on extended warranty's I don't need  :) 


I've had the original bean, the XT Live, the X3 Live the HD500 and now the HELIX LT... not to mention a few other smaller products. 

Not one single failure in 20 years of using their products. 


FWIW, I gig a lot and I do trust the products. Yes, I carry a back up modeler, but I also carried back up amps when I used amps. 

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Reminds me of the bumper sticker - "the only constant in all of your failed relationships is you..."


Seriously, though, I've owned many pieces of Line 6 hardware (well into the double digits), and I've only had a few actually fail. One was a defective power amp in a Duoverb amp, and the other was an issue with my Variax 300. Line 6 fixed them both for me. So I'm sure you can get your HX Effects replaced needed. But have you gone through the normal troubleshooting steps? Have tried a factory reset? What is your setup that your hearing whistling?

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It's under warranty, so you should be able to get it replaced.


Also check the AC voltage if you're experiencing multiple failures. Recently there was a power failure where I live. When the power came back on after being off for 8 hours, the voltage was 138V for about 15 seconds (along with spikes) before it settled down to 124V. Fortunately, when there's an outage I know to turn off the fuse box switches to anything that's always on (frig, HVAC, etc.) All my music/studio electronics feed from an uninterruptible power supply and line filter...one of the best investments I ever made.


The worst part about power line spikes is they can cause components to deteriorate rather than just blow up (which is easier to find and fix). HTH.

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10 hours ago, mikecg123 said:

I just bought an HXFX but it has developed a lockup and whistle fault epic fail line 6

I realise you feel like letting off steam, but as this is a new unit, and only a week old, it is still under warranty. Simply have it swapped out for a new box - end of problem.


As for the “lockup and whistle fault” - the first thing to do when weird stuff happens is try a factory reset on the unit. Hold down FS6 and TAP while turning the power on.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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