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Has any used an external generic valve preamp live with Helix?


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I had a look around the forums, but can't see anything on this what does anyone think or had experience of using an external valve preamp live? Here's the scenario/thought.........pretty normal stuff really, I go out of my Helix floor directly to our Behringer XR18 when I play live, and that's it - simple. What I'm wondering is, if going out to an external generic mic/line valve preamp (such as a Behringer T1953) in our PA rack before hitting the mixer would 'warm' up things a little. It may do nothing, but I wondered if anyone had tried this and if so if they felt it was worth it? 

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Having never used a tube amp, I can't speak to the allure. 

But I can use a little deductive reasoning to figure this out .... 



First, we must be aware that a modeler is not designed to give 'same room sound'. They mic'd a guitar amp. Modelers give that 'final sound', like you would hear on an album or through the pa at a concert. It isn't what you hear in your bedroom direct from your amp. 

Once we know this, we can then say - adding the T will still not give you that bedroom sound. 



However, let's take a look at how to use this thing anyhow (particularly since you aren't talking about your bedroom): 

In the physical world, where would the tubes be? They would come after the preamp and before the cab. 

So, we can assume that putting the T after the L6, which is after the preamp/amp/cab/mic, would not be the right placement. 

This would mean, we would need to put the T in the fx loop. 


I don't know if we can put the fx loop between the amp and cab, or between the cab and mic. But those would be the most ideal place to put it. 


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