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HX Stomp output to Mains & FX Send simultaneously?


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I use an HX Stomp into a conventional 12" guitar cab powered by a class D amp.   Simple, cheap, effective.   Only use the Stomp for amp sim and a couple of  time based FX when needed.  If necessary I just mic the cab, but (provided adequate blocks and DSP) could I split the signal that goes out to the speaker cab to a parallel path, insert an IR and route to the FX Send and out to the PA?

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Well you could- depending on availability slots and DSP, but I suspect you would just be creating needles pain!

what most of us seek is to get a great sound on stage and hope the audience is hearing something similar.

This is already a place where trusting the soundie’s ears and tastes is probably not giving us total satisfaction!
setting up cabs for direct to PA is pretty hard when you are not connected to said PA (before that sound person gets plugged into the chain). 
most soundies are used to miking an amp. So that keeps things simple. 
you would need an FRFR system running loud ( preferably with rest of the band playing too) to set up a better guess for front of house sounds. Or a full PA and band with a lot of patience to get to a better place. 
This is one argument for full FRFR systems. 
At least what you hear on stage then is likely to be similar to what’s out front. Not that you can still know, my setup is Full FRFR, and has been proven over time and gigs, but I’ve heard recording of the band where FOH has still screwed my sound. 
so unless you want to go full FRFR (and go through totally rebuilding all your tones), I’d just keep it simple!!

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If you want to keep it simple, I suggest injecting a Behringer Ultra-G DI box on your output yourself a 2 blocks and the dsp it takes for a send and IR...It has a great 412 emulation...You can get one new for around $30-40 US....It's sorta copy of the Hughes & Kettner Red Box DI....It has more cabinet options and costs around $200 I think...412 is just as good as the H&K...

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