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Playing Music From Ipad

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I think I saw in another post that if you're using the Apple USB/Ethernet/Airport Express Option that you can play back media files from your iPad.


I'm not having any success making this happen.  I don't use any for backing tracks but would like to use it for music between sets.


What's the procedure for this?

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Apple USB to Ethernet adapter plugs in to USB port

Network Cable to LAN port of Apple Airport Express

3/8" to 3/8" stereo jack cable from back of Apple Airport Express to M20d 3/8" input (17/18)

Create your wireless network. (there's fairly straightforward info on the forum in other threads though try to do a clean setup with the Airport)


Now connect your iPad to the created network.

Open iTunes

Drag up from bottom of screen and route the output to "AirPlay"

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The puzzle piece I was missing was the 3/8th jack on the Airport Express.  Didn't even know it was there!  I thought it would stream back through the USB similar to the method described for streaming recording.


Haven't tried it yet but I'm pretty sure it will be simple after that.


BTW, I tried a couple of other USB-Ethernet adapters and nothing worked except the Apple branded one.


Thanks again for some spot on and timely info.

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There are apparently a couple of other USB to Ethernet adapters that work, but as I got one (not one of the listed ones) and it failed, I figured it simpler to go all apple (yuk!) for an easy life. A few quid more in initial expense but at least it works!


Streaming from the iPad is really easy and like you plan, we use it to pump background music through before and between sets.

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Moshi brand works as well. Pretty much same price as the apple brand. It was the first one I tried, and works great. It is sold online at the apple store too so obviously approved by them. What I like, is it also has a USB port. So I can plug it into the USB port on the M20d, plug my ethernet cable into that, and then, plug a USB stick into the Moshi adapter that has a couple backing tracks we use on it, and as well have the SD slot to record us. Don't lose the USB port for just ethernet. Works great.

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