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Purchased Presets not activated


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Hi all,

yesterday I purchased Craig Andertons multiband presets. After importing one of the into my helxi floor I can't change or save the preset like it would be "read only". I use for importaing prestes the Helix Edit and I am logged in with my account which also used when purchasing these presets.


ANy idea why this happens?



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First of all, I'm really sorry to hear the multiband presets are giving you problems, but thanks very much for your support. I don't know if they're write-protected or not, but I would certainly want users to be able to modify them. They're kind of intended to be modified. I know y'all are creative types :)


FWIW I've had this happen with my own presets! I created a bunch of bass presets that were not available commercially, but Helix kept telling me they were protected in some way (that little pick icon to the side). I'm trying to remember exactly what I did to fix it...I think I opened them in HX Edit, exported them as a setlist, then re-imported them. Or I might have done a mass preset drag-and-drop to the computer and bypassed HX Edit instead of doing a setlist export/import. If I can reproduce the issue, I'll post the answer here. But they've been working ever since I did whatever it was that I did.


If you don't get an answer, or if Line 6 support can't help, please send a note to the support email that's exclusively for owners of my presets and eBooks, and I'll help you out. Again, my apologies.

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Hi Craig,


I will try it the next days. From Line 6 I got the normal copied Q&A with release and update notes. But I have the most recent version of Helix firmware installed.


Will keep you all informed.


Have a Mery Christmas.

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