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Spider V 20 MKII not connecting to Spider V Remote on Windows 10


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I got my Spider V MKII back in August of 2021, and one of the reasons I got it was because of the Spider V Remote app, so I could get a lot of tones and effects. The app worked the first day I had the amp, but the next day when I plugged my amp into my Windows 10 computer, it said "No Device Connection." And now it has been like that for four months. I have done everything that I could possibly do: update drivers, try it on different computers, etc.

I have also tried my IOS device, and my Mac laptop. Neither worked either.

The only thing that I haven't done is update my amp, which I can't do because the Line 6 Updater app doesn't notice that my app is connected.

I have submitted a ticket, but am not confident that it will make any difference, since I have seen that others have submitted tickets in regards to this problem, and nothing has changed.

It seems that the last update for Spider V Remote was in 2019, which is a long time for fixes. It honestly seems to me that Line 6 doesn't really care, or else they would have done something. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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