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Stock Cabs - Mic choice information


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So Ive been delving back into stock cabs again for preset building simplicity.  I've been getting some decent tones, but a few tones could use some exploration type help.   I really only know a few of the mics.  I usually combine a 57 with a 160 and then use the low cut to balance the 160 appropriately.  


Other than wiki, are there any good resources to learn more about the mics.  I do usually cycle through them, so I'm tweaking with my ears, not my eyes...however...Id like to just educate myself more about the mics.  


Any resources?  


Any favorite mic combinations?  


I've mainly been using the Greenback 25 (57) paired with the Mesa V30 (160) cab.  



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11 minutes ago, themetallikid said:

I do usually cycle through them, so I'm tweaking with my ears, not my eyes... 


Frankly, I think that's going to give you the best results in the long run. In my "big studio" days, we'd often put up a bunch of mics, and decide what sounded best...that was much more time-consuming than just cycling through them! But we did it for the same basic reasons.


Also mic choice depended somewhat on the application. For a huge stack blasting out at 11, we'd use a dynamic because it could cope with the sound pressure levels. Small-diaphragm condenser mics were the go-to for brighter sounds, and often, large-diaphragm condensers for acoustic guitars. 


Omni mics were good for picking up room sound if you were overdubbing and others weren't playing, although there's no proximity effect so you couldn't adjust the amount of low-end boom.


Ribbon mics aren't very bright, and have a warm-midrangy sound. They're good on amps to take off some of the harsh edges, and used a lot for stereo miking or miking two cabs, because they could pick up two different sound sounds from the mic sides, with one side giving almost perfect rejection of the other. But we have dual cabs for that now :) Hope this helps, at least somewhat...



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