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Helix LT Wet Dry Wet with Tube amp and 2 studio monitors


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Hi, I have the following gear at my disposal : Laney IRT Studio Tube amp with matching cab, 2 Adam studio monitors and the Helix lt.

I only play at home, no gigs... just for fun.  What I would like to achieve.... Using my Irt Studio in a 4 cm - using the Irt preamp and I would like to switch from time to time to the Helix preamps or amps (without cabs, as mine is pretty ok).  I managed to do this by watching the vids from Richie Castellano and J Sadites - each of them with there own interpretation of the 4 cm.  Very interesting vids  by the way.  So far so good.... I also have 2 Adam studio monitors with XLR.  There are also a lot of vids on YT how to set up a routing for wet dry wet... but most of them with 3  FRFR speakers.  I am looking for a solution: Laney IRT for the dry signal and the Adam monitors for the wet stereo signal.  What is the best way to set this up.  I don't go FOH...  just the mentionned gear.  All info is welcome!!! Gr from Belgium... Peter 

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