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[solved/clarified] Random Presets Rebuild


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I just booted my Helix (floor) and noticed it was taking time and actually it was rebuilding the presets.
I am surprised because:

  • I did not upgrade anything since the release of 3.11.0
  • I did not request the rebuild and there was nothing over the buttons to accidentally request that

The only thing I did before turning the Helix off yesterday is adding all the presets (about 200?) from the Helix Tips book mentioned in another thread.

This means I used the banks 3 and 4 (I used the 3rd in the past but deleted its content in the beginning of the year).
As far as I know, this should not trigger a preset rebuild either? Or am I missing something?


Basically it looks random so I'm a bit scared that it might be a sign something is wrong. (I just made a backup in doubt)

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Every time Helix starts up it checks for presets that were created in older firmware. If it finds any it rebuilds them to ensure compatibility with current firmware.  It seems the  presets you imported were created in firmware prior to v3.11.


Perfectly normal behaviour - no need to worry.


P.S. In general it's a good habit to power off/on your Helix immediately after importing any presets to force this rebuild, especially if you think the presets are older. There is a possibility that a corrupt preset was imported, which could cause unpredictable behaviour up to and including freezing your Helix.

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