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Poly Sustain Sample Length


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Hi all - 


I know you can add some depth and freq modulation to the poly sustain sound to help it sound more natural, but I still find that the poly sustain catches such a short sample that it often fails to reliably capture the chord I've played.   It feels like it catches part of it and in the looping it ends up sounding unnatural.  Don't get me wrong - it is very cool and has its uses.   However, I feel like if you could increase the sample length it would go a long way towards capturing a more natural sound. 


Is this what the RandDepth and RandSpeed are meant to address?   Any other tips? 





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I use a lot these kind of effects. I do have a plus pedal, a freeze, and also the one in the Helix.


The longer the sample, the worse the effect, as more samples means more amplitude variations, hence more audible and ugly patterns.

So, IME, the secret here is to learn how to use these pedals. The best technique,  for me, is to exaggerate a bit the attack strenght, and then engage the effect just after the attack of a note/chord. This way you grab the portion with lot of harmonics and note separation, but without the attack clipping (which again is cause of audible pulsing) and without losing any note. It's kind of lag you need to use, between all your playing attacks, and the freeze effect. Once you learn the flow, you will get some solid and cool drones.


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I actually found the Gamechanger Plus pedal tone harder to use than the Poly Sustain as far as reliably getting it to sound good. As mentioned above, catching the chord as it starts to decay is the key to getting it to sound right.

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