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What case is that shown on this HX Stomp XL video?


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Don't know that specific pedalboard brand on the video, but if you like that kind of style, just check the Ruach Kashmir pedalboards. (they also have side holes to add routing accessories as DC in and IN/OUT)


Ruach Kashmir 3 Pedalboard (3rd Gen) - Ruach Music

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7 hours ago, Digiplay said:

What is that wooden looking case

Judging from the fact it has handles - my guess would be a Samba Pedalboard, or maybe a West Coast. They ain’t cheap, and you might be very lucky to find one for sale, but here’s the websites:








The Rauch pedalboards shown in the post above from “PierM” are a little less expensive, but if you search Google with “polished wood fx pedalboard” you can find other similar items on Etsy, or check out the DIY options in the many YouTube videos.


Hope this helps/makes sense.



At second glance, I noticed the switch and power light - most likely it’s a West Coast in Walnut.

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