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Bass And Stagesource

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According to the specs posted on this website they both weigh 57.5 lbs.


Seems odd to me because the L3t includes the side panel mixer while the L3m does not. Presumably it weighs something, but apparently not enough to make a difference.

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I'd suggest the weight difference negligible. Probably no more than 1/2lb


We've pumped out an M20d recording of our bass players DI input through a pair of L2m's for use in a rehearsal and I was mightily impressed with the quality of sound.

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I have 2 L3T's, 3 L2M's, 2 L3S's and a M20D and we run direct bass (my wife loves it, she the bass player) I use a very little of the M20D's on board fx on it, also a set of alesis electronic drums and my 11 rack with both right and left xlr's and it is all quite pristine and the bass is just awesome, the sound can't be beat IMHO.

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HI Masterzone,

I have used the L3m as a bass guitar monitor.


Remembering that the stagesource speakers are PA speakers at heart that have a few DSP presets, the 't's have a mixer as well.


I don't believe that it will replace your bass guitar rig ALONE. I run an old PodXt Live Bass into it and it takes the modelled output from the Pod and outputs through the L3x just as if it were your standard FOH monitors (probably better than your standard FOH).


Plugging into an L3t directly with your Bass guitar will sound exactly like your Bass Guitar (like you DI the thing before the Bass Amp) Depending on your Bass, some people think this is fine, you have the mixer to fiddle with your sound a little but you will not have ny of the colour of your favourite valve or solid state bass amp.


For bigger gigs I will use the L3s under and give the rest of the band a bit of brown note briliance but it is mostly overkill unless you're playing outdoors (then it shines). If you're serious about Bass, there are a few modelling pieces of gear that will work fantastically with the Stagesource kit (excepting the L2).


I have also used a traditional solid state bass amp with a DI/send to the L3m for extra coverage. There are a number of ways you can use the Stagesource kit for Bass, Keys, Electric Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Vocals... anything you get your hands on. Just dont expect it to go head to head with all of your favourite vintage amps and knock them all out of the park.


It is my favourite purchase as far as sound reinforcement, period.

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Hi Mavril, thanks for your reply,

well, let's say that I'm looking for all-in-one solution.

My main idea, was that to buy an Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 with an Swr 4X10, the best sound which I can achieve for my basses, absolutely no comparisons for me, with nothing else on the planet.

But,I have a problem :  I need to use my Eventide H8000 within my bass rig, so the only practical and lighter solution is to me to use the POD HD PRO X Fx LOOP rear panel connections ( Sends and Returns ) ----> They will allow me to incorporate my external effect flawlessly.

I'm not a fan of POD HD,because it doesn't offer any bass pre/amps/cabs simulation, but I have no other choice.

So, who knows if the POD HD PRO X will work fine if connected to a StageSource L3M (or T )by using the L6 Link cable....

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