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JTV59 without variax components?!

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So, when is a variax not a variax.....?

For sale in my part of the world is what appears to be a JTV59 without any variax electronics installed - just a wraparound tailpiece, and two humbuckers, with no sign of extra routed compartments on the back.
I haven't been on this forum for years, and I'm sorry, but I had a quick search and couldn't find anything about this particular anomaly, so here goes a question to the JTV59 hive mind.

I wonder whether this could simply have been a mistake with a Variax headstock veneer being added to a James Tyler LP style build? Could it even be a prototype that made it out without the variax guts?





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Yeah... That's not a Line 6 JTV59. I'm comparing the photos to a Line 6 JTV59 that I am holding in my hands. The back photo shows that ii's missing two routing cutouts that should be housing some electronics and a battery housing. The bridge is obviously not authentic either. No need to look further.

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I don't know where you bought this very poorly made copy? In any case you got lollipoped. I'll be you I'll go back to the guy and ask him for a refund, otherwise you call the police for the sale of a copy; if nobody knows how to handle this case, you slap the guitar on his head.


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You know, I simply hadn't thought about the concept of a fake... :/


I mean, why bother, right? No vax guts - no vax!

I see now, looking closer, that it's definitely a copy, and I mean it's not bad, but certainly very obvious when you compare images side by side...


Thanks guys, I'll let the guy know that it's a fake. I haven't bought it, and am not interested in buying it, (I'm happy with a couple of legacy vaxplants I have), but if they're expecting good money for it, then, lol.....

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As the guy at Line 6 that works on these,... yes, very much a fake. A Variax by definition has Variax electronics inside.

Worse, they didn't even try to hide that it was a fake. It would have cost them too much to go beyond the fake decal.


Also, watch out for those that claim to be US made at US made prices, but are not US made. I see those pop up every

now and then.



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