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Help using Mission Engineering EP1-L6 Pedal


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Please help, I have a Helix LT and bent the built-in pedal. I purchased the Mission Engineering EP1-L6 and saw on another post that instructs to plug into the EXP1 port. I don't have a EXP1 port!

When I plug in and use the pedal, its only functioning as a volume pedal. I went into HX Edit and right clicked the "position" where I can select EXP Pedal 1 and EXP Pedal 2. Pedal 2 shows Volume, I can see EXP Pedal 1 shows (Pitch wham: Position)  EXP Pedal 2 now shows (Multiple 2) but when I adjust the pedal it's still a volume pedal. 
I am able to get Wah with EXP Pedal 2, but it seems to be a combo of Volume and Wah. Heel position is zero volume The Volume isn't selected.

Screen shot attached.

I don't see an easy way to make the pedal operate as the pedal 2 Wah.

Please help! Thanks in advance. 



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13 hours ago, in2bluz said:

I have a Helix LT and bent the built-in pedal



O.K. By default the on board (bent) EXP pedal is set to EXP 1 Volume, and when switched to EXP 2 Wah. To bypass these default settings when you connect an external EXP pedal you need to use the Controller Assign functions.


See the Helix LT 3.0 Owner’s Manual - Rev D - English 

Pages 55 - 57 Controller Assign LT 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev D - English .pdf#page55

Or - HX Edit Pilot’s Guide - Rev S (v3.11) 

Page 39 - The Bypass/Controller Assign Tab. Edit 3.11 Pilot's Guide - English .pdf

Even easier, click on the question mark in the lower left window of the HX Edit interface and select "Pilot's Guide" - it's built in.


Hope this help/makes sense.


You could always try to fix the bend in the onboard pedal.

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