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Royal Blood tribute band - need help


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I'm doing a Royal Blood tribute and need more blocks than are available in one Helix Floor to make it sound right.  The presets in marketplace are not close enough and/or not versatile enough to handle everything in an authentic way. There is not enough DSP in a single Helix Floor. 


I'm trying to decide on multiple helixes or build a pedalboard from individual pedals or ??????


Please help!  Thanks.



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what are you short on most of the time? I have a similar problem as a bass player using an HX Stomp XL. For me, there is not a limiter, pre compressor or EQ that doing what I need. Also, the synths are a bit too latent for me to use for tighter faster tempo stuff. So I figured out where I was short and added Source Audio Ultrawave, C4, EQ2 and a neural hub. In my case a Full Helix would not help as what I wanted is simply not there. I have not found anything in Helix like the Ultrawave. That thing is deep.


It could be if what you need is in Helix and you just need 1-8 more blocks to get it where you want it, it might be an HX stomp would get you there. If you need more, then it might be that a Helix rack makes more sense.


There are lots of ways to optimize patches for dsp...If you have done all the tricks, I totally understand where you are coming from. If not, I would recommend trying a few things like not using a volume block and instead assigning expression to the channel volume on the amp model, 1024 IR saves you a lot over a 2048...When reverb is less important, use an old Hall or plate...There are many ways to get a bit more out of it...Especially, if you are downloading patches and have not really explored different approaches for the same outcome.


Good luck.

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