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Hi guys.

Really need some help with my Simplifier deluxe direct rig routing. I’ve got a HX stomp thru the FX loop using a stereo 7CM set up. 

I was under the impression I could use the 1/4 inch outputs to by pass the Simplifier cab sim so I can use IRs & cabs frm my HX stomp. 

Currently I’ve got these outputs connected to the HX stomp left and right returns. Seems the preamp frm the Simplifier is no longer working, even tho it says on the manual that disabling cab sims leaves the preamp - effects loop & reverb all operating. 


I’ve got the XLR outs to the PA. Tried using the 1/4 jack outs direct instead but no signal at all. 

Any help at all would be so appreciated! Thanks in advance :) 

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There's not enough info here for me to be certain of what you're doing, but IF I understand the problem:

Assuming that the the Returns are configured as RETURN (Global Settings>Ins/Outs>Return Type=RETURN), have you placed a Stereo Return L/R Block in the signal chain?

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Thanks so much for your reply! 
I’ve got a stereo FX loop block set up in my HX preset. I did also try inserting both a send l/r and a return l/r block (seems that was the only option rather than a single send/return L&R) and it gave the same result. 

Here’s the set up as it is now. 

Guitar -> Mono input to HX stomp


HX Stomp SEND > DLX left Input using a TRS stereo cable. 

(DLX input switched to parallel amp mode) 


SIMPLIFIER DLX 1/4 out jacks LEFT & RIGHT to > HX Stomp RETURN L & R (with cab sim bypass switches ON) 


HX stomp L output to DLX L return 


HX stomp R output to DLX R return

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That thing has more switches than the space shuttle!

I had a look at the manual. I THINK you want to take an INSERT cable (TRS>dual mono) from the DLX SEND to the HXS RETURNs.

A simple Stereo FX Loop Block should be all you need in the HXS signal path.

Then use the "Full Parallel Amps" configuration. The HXS Outs to DLX RETURNS should be good.



If I'm reading the schematic correctly, the DLX RETURNS enter the path just before the REVERB and POWER/CAB sections, and the tap for the 1/4" Outs (where the CAB BYPASS switch is located) is between the REVERB and POWER/CAB sections. The XLRs are fed directly from the POWER/CAB section. You CAN'T defeat the Cab on the XLR Outs, and the CAB BYPASS switch on the feed to the 1/4" Outs also bypasses the POWER section!


IOW - that configuration (1/4" Outs) is intended for connecting the DLX to the FX LOOP RETURN on a guitar/power amp and physical cab (DLX PRE ONLY, with POWER/CAB BYPASSED), or a 1/4" Line Input on a board (POWER section and CAB ENABLED - same as the XLRs).


It doesn't appear to me that you can use the complete DLX PRE/FXLOOP/POWER AMP EMULATION without the CAB EMULATION.


The only workaround I can see would be to use something like a MOOER RADAR, which has both power amp emulations and IRs.


Sort of defeats the whole purpose of the DLX.


This gadget is one reason I still have a tube amp! :-)


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WOW. Can’t thank you enough for taking the time to look in to this! This is what I needed to know - as much as it’s disappointing I’m not surprised. I’d really hoped I could use & not waste all my IRS, but still have that analog preamp feel which responds much better to my playing. The Simplifier DLX definitely has a different ‘feel’ to digital modelling, which is what I was after. It’s just a bummer that I’ve gotta choose between only one cab sim on the DLX if I want to run parallel. Hmmmm. 
Shame my Orange AD30 is too bloody heavy to carry these days lol. 
I did ask DSM & Humbolt via email before I bought the Simplifier - whether I could bypass it and use the HX stomp as I do now (everything digitally modelled) and switch between the two. Ie switch the Simplifier on when I want analog, so I can choose between the two. (Typical guitar player that wants it all lol) Bless them, they did reply but it didn’t make a lot of sense. English isn’t their first language but they did try! 
Only last ditch hope is there is a ‘thru’ input on the DLX which bypasses all. If I could find a way to make that work- switch the Stomp in and out somehow it’d be best of both worlds! Without the lug!!!! 
Hopefully this helps others who are down this rabbit hole!

Makes sense the cab bypass is for a real cab only. 

THANKYOU again :) 

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