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HX Stomp: How to send tap tempo via Command center


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Hi there, everyone.


I hope you all are healthy and  had a good winter holiday and a smooth transition into 2022 !


I recently bought a HX Stomp.


I use footswitch number 3 as Stomp 3  (set up in "Global settings")

so footswitch 3 doesn't do tap tempo or access the tuner.


For some presets I'd like to have footswitch 3 work as tap tempo for the delay time.

I set up my delay time to 1/1 notes.

In the Command center I set footswitch 3 to send MIDI CC ,

set the CC# to 64 and the value to 127.


Still the delay time doesn't react to the tap tempo.


If someone could tell me what I'm missing/doing wrong?


Thanks in advance for your suggestions.




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The MIDI commands in the Command Center are sent out of the Stomp’s MIDI out jack. They aren’t fed back to the Stomp itself. You could run a MIDI cable from the Stomp’s MIDI out back to its MIDI in, but that gets to be a little tricky as you have to be careful you’re not creating a MIDI loop.

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Hi Phil_m,


Thanks, I see the (one) problem now. 


Strangely enough, I have footswitch 2 set up (in Command center) to select the next snapshot, that works. 

It must just be that the HX Stomp just doesn't receive the MIDI commands from command center, like you wrote.


Short of doing the trick described above (cable MIDI out to MIDI in),

do you know of any way to use footswitch 3 (or any footswitch for that matter) as Stomp 3 in some presets and as Tap in other presets ?




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