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One year with the Pod Go.


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I've had my Pod Go for a little over a year now and I am really enjoying it. I've been lucky in that I haven't had any problems with the initial downloads and with the last firmware update. My only "gig" is playing at church and I use it whenever I play guitar or bass. In terms of portability it's been a life saver especially on my back and knees. It's amazing to think that all of my amps, cabinets and effects can fit in a suitcase!


It took a while to dial the sounds in. Meaning, I got some great tones at home through the Sony Studio Monitor headphones ((MDR 7506) but due to the acoustics of the church it was very different and I really had to work with the soundman to make these sounds presentable. Regardless of the tones being clean or overdriven, at church they came out lacking a lot of bass and had too much treble. So basically I had to go to the global EQ to add a lot of bass and had to decrease the treble. So when I'm now setting the tones up at home they don't sound very lively but at church it comes through pretty good. I played guitar there this past Sunday and one of the other musicians out in the congregation told me "your tones were killing it!" So I guess the end justifies the means. But of what I gather they are soon to be putting some sort of sound absorption material up on the walls so maybe that will help with some things.


After 10 month with the Pod Go I thought I'd try some amp/IR packs from Worship Tutorials. It was very interesting seeing how they set things up, I learned a lot and I really like the IR's as they made a difference. I know some people here frown on this sort of thing and that's fine. Of course, I had to dial them in to my preference but I really like the results. My favorites so far are the Vox AC30 Fawn model (I used that one at church), the '63 Fender Bassman and the Fender Princeton. I bought a lot of other packs (Marshall, Matchless and others) and I'm slowly getting to those as well. Fun stuff!


I can't compare the Pod Go with other units out there and can't say it's the best thing because this is the only unit of this nature that I've tried. But for my needs and wants I'm pretty darned happy with what I'm getting from it.

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