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Neo Replacement Speaker for DT 50 (1x12 or 2x12)?


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Don't do that. These are not all analog tube amps, the digital side might not like it.

Looking over the specs and frequency response curves,... it''s close, but not close enough.

Stick to the specified parts.


Outcome? If the power to speaker is not match and the speaker fails or the tubes and speakers fail,

it can take down the system. That would leave it un-repairable. Stick to specified parts (tubes, speakers,

et al). Don't try to hot rod, a Bogner hot rod it will just blow something.


Line 6 does not support modifications to it's product. If something fails we won't be able to help you.

Further complicated by the fact that it is now a legacy product.


I don't want to see your amp on my repair bench.


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