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Warning on Prymaxe


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I'm sorry to have to report this, but I do want to keep anyone else from having the same problem I'm in the middle of with Prymaxe.  Here are the facts, repeat, facts: (1) I ordered an item from them on 17 December, (2) I received an email from them confirming the order, assigning an order number, and stating "You'll receive an email when your order is ready" and "You'll get shipping and delivery updates by email", (3) they cashed my credit card payment (over $260), as confirmed on my latest credit card statement, (4) I never received an email about shipping for the item, (5) I never received the item, (6) I live out in the country, and there has never been an issue of packages being stolen from my deck after being delivered (no one goes away to work anymore, someone is virtually always home, and we have an alert and noisy dog), (7) when I go to their website and press their "Track Order" button, it initially found my order number and said something like "your order is being processed" (on 19 January, it said this), but now the button doesn't work, with the message: "There was an error in the third-party application", (8) a telephone number I've always used for them in the past is now not working (despite several tries, over several days), (9) the telephone number they have listed on both their website and on their confirmation email routes to a automated AT&T voicemail, which prompts me to input the number I called (I've checked the number and done this more than once, just to be sure, and yes, during their stated office hours), but when I input the number from their website (and email), the automated voice says they have no customer for that number (again, tried more than once over several days), (10) an email I wrote on 19 January (to the address I've used for them in the past, which is still on both their website and my confirmation email), in which I notified them about my outstanding order, asked for a refund, and asked them to get in touch with me immediately, has not been answered as of today (25 Jan), (11) they have continued to send a seemingly unending string of 38 (thirty-eight!) emails to me (since I received their confirmation of my order), each one advertising more musical equipment they want me to buy, but none acknowledging the item I've already purchased and they've already taken payment for, but which I've not received, and finally, (12) a second email I sent yesterday (24 Jan), in which I notified them I needed to hear from them, or I would feel compelled to alert other members of the musical community that they're charging credit cards, but not processing orders or shipping purchased items, has also gone unanswered (and no, it's not in my spam folder).  So, be advised - at this time, Prymaxe appears to be down.  You may want to carefully consider whether to make any purchases from them, until further notice!  We can only hope that this is a result of external difficulties or bad business practices, rather than family tragedy related to the pandemic or difficulties from other circumstances (although that still wouldn't explain why their ad emails keep coming, but no other business is being conducted).  Nonetheless, people need to protect themselves from negative financial consequences (i.e., ordering stuff that won't arrive), so consider this message your courtesy notification.  By the way, I do not need anyone to try to help solve this problem for me; it's easy enough for me to dispute the charge on my credit card.  I'm just trying to spare others from similar distress.  Good luck to all.  Sincerely, Dave


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