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Marshall JVM 410 Midi Channel Switching with HX Effects


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I had this setup once.  First hook up your midi cables.  I had my Marshall amp as Midi ch. 1 ( because that was it's default setting), I set the HXFX as midi channel 2.  Next set your amp settings, Ex. OD1 RED, reverb, with effects loop on. Then press the footswitch/midi button twice on the amp.  This light should be blinking waiting for you to send it a program number.  On you HXFX lets say your on bank1 snapshot A.  Go into the  Command Center and select an Instant (lightning bolt).  On the right side (using a HX edit on a computer) select Bank/Program.  From the drop down menu select midi ch.1 (for your Marshall amp), then below that, select Program and choose a number like 1,2,3...128 and Press save.  The important part now is to change presets then go back to the preset you were working on, this sends the PC (Program Change) message. It works best on a computer to do all this editing. If done right the light on your amp will stop blinking.  It took me a long time to figure this out.  Once you get the hang of it, it will go fast.

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