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Doesnt Function When Circuit Board For Wah/volume Connected


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i picked up a used foorboard to use with my spider 112. when i first plugged it in i got no sound out of the amp, none of the switches worked properly and the on/off function on the wah pedal restarted the amp.

i disconneceted the circuit board for the 2 pedals and everything else functions properly now, but it would be nice to get the pedals working too. the circuit board looks ok to me (but i dont really know what im looking at). does any body have any ideas for a possible fix? or suggestions to further diagnose the problem?

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Man that is crazy. Is it the correct floorboard? There are several versions of the FBs and Spiders, not all work together. I would have thought that a bad wah board meant no sound. Not sure if the newer FBVs (with the usb port) can be re-mapped or reset if that is what you have.



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