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Can Snapshots Store Signal Mixes of Merge BlocK?


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 I have signal path where I split off and put several flavors of harmonizer blocks in the split.   I want to control (ONLY) the level of the split, or really....the levels in the Merge Block with SNAPSHOTS; such that:


Snapshot A) [one cello] => 

  • Signal level of path A is high
  • Signal level of path B, (which is the split path) is rather low

Snapshot B) [more cellos] ===>

  • Signal level of path A is slightly lower than in Snapshot A
  • Signal level of path B, (which is the split path) is equal to that of path A


I attached a picture of the Merge block where I want 2 different Snapshots to store 2 different levels of both Signal Path A and B. 


.... the problem is.... it seems that Snapshots CAN NOT store different mix levels in a Merge Block -- is this TRUE?


I followed the manual as far as saving the preset which supposedly saves ALL of the Snapshots under that preset.  Any ideas on how to use snapshots to control both signal path levels?  I DO NOT (repeat DO NOT want to use snapshots to turn on/off the entire signal path B...... I just want to control the levels of signal path A and B). Perhaps I can route both signal path A and B to the lower signal path chain 2A (i "think" that's what it is called).... and somehow control it that way?


Thanks in Advance!!!



FYI - the Fractal Axe Fx has a merge block that is literally like any other fx block, and its various values can be save/stored within a preset (they call it channels instead of snapshots-but it functions as  exactly the same thing); soooOOOoo you can save various merge 'mixes' if you want. 



Snapshot Saving A to B.png

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You need to assign the LEVEL Parameters to Snapshots.

Right Click on the LEVEL Sliders and select SNAPSHOTS. Then SAVE the Preset. 

Now when you change the levels and SAVE, That Snapshot will have those levels.

Select your next Snapshot and change the Levels, then SAVE.

Switching between those Snapshots should now reflect the desired levels.

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The above answer is 100% correct.

What you might not realise is it applies to almost every parameter on the Helix.

Snapshots don't just turn things on and off - you could totally change the amp gain and the echo level too - just for an example.

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I got it to work. Yes, it's the detailed parameters (or sliders) WITHIN an fx block (including the Merge Block) that you set and store with a Snapshot. I have another question I'll post in a separate topic. 



Thanks Again!!


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Extreme differences in Gain levels of amps or Gain FX while a note is ringing out can cause what sounds like a POP.

Extreme changes in time settings of delays or certain parameters of some Mod FX can cause VERY strange sounds.

These things are not so much a problem when changing overall mix levels of those FX.

I suspect that this won't be a big problem with Cellos, but then, if you're using crazy FX on them, who knows?

Are you channeling John Cale from his Velvet days?

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