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Can I use HX Effects 4CM and external looper pedal?


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The short answer is Yes, you can do that. But it’s not so simple. 

The setup depends on how you wish to use the external looper. If you only want to use it to playback pre-recorded loops that exist in the looper pedal you could set it up differently than if you also want to use it to record and playback loops during live play. In the latter case you would also have to consider whether you want it to record the entire signal chain or if there can be portions of the signal chain (e.g. certain FX blocks) that you don’t care about recording in the loop.


First off, do you have an existing 4CM setup using your amp and HX FX? If so, you must currently be using an FX Loop block in your HX FX. If that’s not the case, it suggests that your HX FX sits in the FX Loop of your amp, and you actually have a 3CM setup: Guitar (cable) -> Amp -> Amp Send (cable) to HX FX Input -> HX FX Output (cable) to Amp Return.


Please provide exact details of your existing cabling and setup, as well as your intended use of the external looper. Knowing that, we can better answer your question.

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I realize it would be far simpler with other cable setups, and thank you for responding. I was thinking it would be nice if I could record live so I can switch patches without every patch needing a looper or an additional block. Recording the whole signal chain, in that case would be fine, if not preferred. 


If I understand correct, I have a 4CM setup


Guitar => HX FX Input

HX FX Output => Amp FX Loop => HX FX Loop 1 => Amp Input



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