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Loud Hum With Litigator


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So the Litigator has been my favorite Helix amp sim for a looooong time.  It may have been since last Helix update but I'm hearing a loud hum that I hadn't noticed before - specifically with this amp.  I first thought it might be something to do with my Powercab Plus that I updated a few weeks ago but when I tried other amp sims it dissappears.  AND I also tested it on Helix NATIVE which also has latest update (unless there's a pretty new one that I've overlooked) and yep - same thing.  You certainly couldn't record with it.  This has nothing to do with gain or boost  pedals.  Hums with nothing but amp and cab in signal chain.  If I decrease gain/volume enough to make it go away it's unusable.  Again, this is the case in both the Helix floor AND Native so it 'appears' to indicate an update issue rather than a hardware issue.   I haven't checked every amp sim in the Helix but a lot of them including high gain amps - and it appears to be specifically the Litigator.  Waaaaa ... I want my amp back.  Anybody else experiencing this or know what's up?

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Like you I had never noticed this hum before, and when I saw your post I said "huh?"

Today I was re-doing my presets and when I got to the Litigator there was the loud hum.

After messing around with amp settings as others here suggested I moved to the Powercab.

One click to a different preset and back - HUM BE GONE!

Down the list got to the Ventoux - there's that damned HUM!

Same cure. Back to Litigator - HUM - switch PC preset and switch back - HUM BE GONE!

I got no clue what's going on, yet ANOTHER randomly recurring Powercab bug.

There's no point talking to support, they have no clue, and the "Powercab Team" still refuses to communicate, despite having said that they were looking into what they could do about all of the problems. That was 4 weeks ago.

If you're not aware of this ongoing fight, there's a thread over on TGP called "Powercab Future".


EDIT: It seems that this may have had something to do with using MIDI to call the Powercab Speaker presets without turning OFF Remote in the Powercab screen. That being a GLOBAL setting it places you in an either/or situation. Not ideal, but it worked.

Also, when I cranked up the Powercab Output Level, there was a whole 'nother level of hum on those (and some other) amps that was fixed by turning off RIPPLE.

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