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Switch assignments on any of these units


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I'm thinking about the Pod Go and also about the HX Stomp and I see why some people wanted the Stomp XL. I'm usually singing while trying to find the right foot button and in general I think it's a better idea to spread them out. Anyway I'm in the habit of using around 7 pedals in a row and I like the ability to turn them on and off individually. I'm trying to think about how to cut down on needing so many ons and offs during one song and I can't seem to figure out if it's possible to:


1. assign one footswitch to more than one effect, and THEN:

2. make the footswitch turn one of the effects ON at the same time it turns the other effect (or effects) OFF.


For example I have a thing where I want a slapback delay during the verses but then in the chorus I want to turn on an overdrive while also turning off the delay, because it gets muddy.


I think if I could do that, I would be able to get by with only 3 switches during any particular song.


Would that work?





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I don't believe you can turn more than one effect on or off with a footswitch however, I've discovered you can assign several parameters to a footswitch. So you could for instance, turn the overdrive off and then the slap mix to 0 with one switch.

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4 hours ago, fountainsofwayne said:

Thanks for the answer! Does this apply to the Stomp and/or the Pod Go and/or the HD500x? I did in the meantime discover that you can add an external switch to the Pod Go or the Stomp, effectively giving you one or two more on/offs.

I'm referring to the Pod Go (Wireless). The method I suggested is similar to snapshots, you can route multiple parameters to one switch, you just can't turn on/off more than 1 effect. I kinda like this way though because I don't have to switch from stompbox mode to snapshot mode. Also, it's easier to get to preset selection from stompbox mode.

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