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Help!!! Main preset folder cancelled!!!


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I opened my helix this afternoon and... horror show! In my main preset folder, named telecaster, all it was deleted as in screenshot one. I tried to restore from backup (I saved it three days ago) but it was impossible, as showed in screenhot 2. But backup file is there (screenshot 3). Any hopes to fix it? Please!!!! Other preset folders are ok.

Screenshot 1.png

Screenshot 2.png

screenshot 3.png

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I did factory reset. Now ALL my folders are gone!!! I can't restore from backup, as I wrote (see screenshot 2). Today I let it all!!! Please, tell me how could I fix it, and why I can't load my recent backup 

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Did you do the reset by holding 9+10?

If YES then

Reflash the FW using Line6 Updater.



Anything else I should know?

Yes. We STRONGLY recommend performing a factory reset AFTER UPDATING your Helix/HX firmware to 3.11 and THEN RESTORING YOUR BACKUP. (Backing up is part of the update process). Here's how to perform a factory reset. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP FIRST, AS A FACTORY RESET WILL ERASE ALL YOUR WORK!

  • Helix Floor/LT: While holding footswitches 9 & 10 (bottom row, 2 middle switches), turn on Helix Floor/LT
  • Helix Rack: While holding knobs 5 & 6 (2 furthest right knobs below the screen), turn on Helix Rack
  • HX Effects: While holding footswitches 6 & TAP (2 farthest right switches on the bottom row), turn on HX Effects
  • HX Stomp: While holding footswitches 2 & 3, turn on HX Stomp
  • HX Stomp XL: While holding footswitches C & D, turn on HX Stomp



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Ok, I woke up this mornig and fixed it! (Only few new preset gone, which I didn't save in last backup). Ok, now my working day will begin sooo better, and my pupils at school surely will receive very high votes!

Thank you all for quick and concrete support!

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@pierpatrip ... I'm glad you seemed to solve it, but I really wanted to point something out from your original post.

  • The HX Edit Image that says it can't find a compatible backup file is looking for it in "Tones > Helix > Backups"
  • The image showing the backup file.... shows it is located in  "Tones > Backups"

Those are two different locations.... that's why HX Edit couldn't find it. 

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