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Very good Pod Go extra blocks json tutorial video, plus other channels you should subscribe to!!


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So it was discussed before, you can import an edited json file which import a preset that does not contain wah, FX loop, etc., to free blocks, effectively creating extra 'free' blocks.  Doesn't add any DSP, so if you use any expensive amp/effect, you'll likely run out, but cool trick. 


So Ben Craven created a very nice tutorial and demonstration, only 282 subs, subscribe to show thanks!  :)    Lots of other interesting Pod Go videos too.





Ivan Pesut also has quite a few Pod Go videos, so worth checking out; lots of info about how using/configuring effects, cool sounds, etc.  He also has also a bunch of presets that he gives out for free.  Highly recommended.





So both are very deserving of a sub!  If there's any others worth subbing too, you could put up recommendations!   Maybe other websites, some often mention the gear page I think it is...   This could be a place to link useful sites/channels.


Youtube "worship tutorials" channel have quite a few demos and reviews of the Pod Go, interesting watch.   "Hey Worship Leader" also have a few Stomp videos; as the effects are quite similar; can be interesting, but not as PGo dedicated as Ivan or Ben.   Also, I have a huge ideological conflict with these 2 channels, as I have a much greater affinity with Satan than Jesus, being that Rock and Roll is the music of the devil.  But hey...  Not everyone can be cool, so don't hate them just because they love Jesus, nobody is perfect, you just have to accept that some adults have imaginary friends and believe in the grown up version of Santa Claus, that's all.  And don't hate us cool folk also, who worship the devil because we love to boogie and love the devil's music.  Everyone is different, and we all have to live together in peace and harmony.  Peace!


Oh yeah, Jason Sadites is another great channel for Pod Go:



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