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My band's single - studio recording with Helix!


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Before Xmas, my band SOLUM went to a local studio to record our very first single - an instrumental called "A Trip to the Moon". As I've switched to a Helix + SS Poweramp setup for playing live and ditched tube amps not that long ago, I wanted to use HX in the studio as well. When we plugged the unit in, we quickly decided that all guitars will be recorded through my HX and my mate's tube combo will stay in his car's trunk. 


Working with Helix was a breeze. For the rhythm parts (played with a Peavey Wolfgang) I basically used an all-purpose distorted preset based on the Friedman amp paired with an OwnHammer IR (either a greenback 412 or a v30 mesa 212, can't remember) I use to fool around and practice at home. No tweaks or changes other than hi/lo cuts at 13khz/80hz and getting rid of reverbs. 


For the lead/melody parts we used a Gibson LP Studio Premium with an SH4. When it came to choosing the preset, we used another one of my "for at home practice" presets with OH IR, but this time Diezel-based. Hi/lo cuts at 13khz/80hz, reverbs off, and we were good to go!


Give it a listen and let me know if you like the tone we got. I think it's a solid sound, especially considering the fact that we rushed to record all tracks (drums, bass, guitars) in a single day :)




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Stylistically not in my wheelhouse - but that sounded great.  Tight, crisp and punchy, very articulate.  Low cuts were probably a good idea, I could envision the mix getting pretty mushy without them (though I'm sure the engineer applied some sonic surgery as needed).


And the vid itself was fun - nice use of the old colorized stock.


All in all, very well done!  Keep going...

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