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Change view without View button


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Hey ! I got a Pod Go and I'm starting to add presets and make pedalboards and one thing I can't figure out:


Sometimes I want to play in stomp mode and sometimes I want to use snapshots. I know I can switch these modes with the two left footswitches and that's all good but sometimes I'm in stomp mode and what I see is the row of effects across the top and the parameters for whatever effect is currently showing.


When I'm already in stomp mode and I don't want to see that screen, but I want to see the screen with the 6 effects showing which switch each is assigned to, how do I do this without bending over and pressing the view button? Is there a way to assign this function to a footswitch I'm not currently using?


Seems crazy I have to bend down and push a button any time I want to see the pedalboard.


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See manual, Global Settings -> Switches/Pedals, knob 3. To quote:


”By default, Stomp footswitch mode displays 6 stomps. You may also choose “4 Switches”, which replaces FS1 and FS4 with and
switches, so you can access preset banks and snapshots from without leaving Stomp mode.”


There’s lots of other good stuff in the manual….. ;-)

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Thanks for your help but that wasn't my question. If I'm switching back and forth between stomp view and snapshot view, I get myself into stomp view but I'm just seeing the effects chain in the window (see Chain View.jpg) when what I want to see is the assignments of the switches (see Stomp View.jpg). 


The only way I can figure out how to change this view is by leaning over and pressing the View button. If it's live it doesn't help me to look down and see the effect chain. Some of the footswitch lights are on and some are off but I don't know which one goes to what.



Chain View.jpg

Stomp view.jpg

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