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HX Stomp with Mission Engineering 529i PSU


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I have an HX Stomp Iand 'd like to power it with a Mission Engineering 529i that Ive got
From a fair bit of research on the web viewing people that have tested it  the stomp doesn't ever seem to pull more than 900mA from my understanding, so I'm thinking it'll be ok but would like to check as I don't want it to crap out on me at a gig obviously.  I've read somewhere that the battery isnt really up to the job possibly?
Has anybody tried this psu using  2 x 500 outlets with current doubler and run it on battery for an extended period of time and discovered if its stable or not?
Thanks :)
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I'd be very concerned about that!

From a quick read = With a 500mA load, the 529i will power your pedalboard for 4 hours on a single charge.

So, drawing more than 500mA will deplete your battery faster.

Doesn't sound like a solution before you get into will it actually run the Stomp from a volts and currant perspective. ( it looks like the doubler doubles the Voltage to 18V - there is still the same actual amount of storage)

I'd personally not be happy with that just running a few pedals.

From sound check till end of gig can easily be more than 4 hours - and you just have to forget to turn it off!

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