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Marshal DSL 40 channel switching


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I just purchased a Marshal DSL 40 that has 2 channels.  I have the Helix set up to switch the channels on the amp and that works fine.  However, the DSL has 2 footswitch-able modes in each channel and with the 4 or 6 way footswitch I can access all 4 modes. You can switch the effects loop and 2 master volumes on and off with the 6 way.  It basically functions as a 4-channel amp.  Is there any way to control all 4 modes/channels in Helix?

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1 hour ago, aed1421 said:

Is there any way to control all 4 modes/channels in Helix?


Yes, via MIDI.

Per the MIDI implementation chart on the last page of the DSL40 manual:

Channels 1-4 = PC#s: 0-3;4-7;8-11 etc - every 4 PC#s. Pretty weird but gives you flexibility to use whatever #s you need if the amp is at the end of a MIDI chain and for some reason you can't use different MIDI Channels for each device in the chain. I'm just guessing though. Marshall has a tendency to do strange things with MIDI, as witness the way they handle the Loop.

The loop is controlled with CC#13. Values of 0=ON, 1=OFF. This can be useful with InstantCommands,  but Helix doesn't allow using those values with toggling CCs.

The manual says CC#2 with a Value of 127 toggles the loop, but it's not clear whether CC#2 works like a normal toggle (127=ON, 0=OFF), or if it just toggles the loop to it's opposite state every time it receives CC#2 with a Value of 127. You'll have to experiment.

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I haven’t read through the DSL40 manual yet but just want to know if anyone has experience this.  I have Helix set up via the 4CM with Ext Amp switching.  When I plug in to the FS on the back of the amp and connect to the EXT AMP jack on Helix I lose the effects loop (Loop on/off).  


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