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X3 Live Pod Farm 1


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Can anyone advise me on the POD Farm plug-in, my x3 Live shows all model packs and a podfarm 1 license, although I cannot seem to get POD farm to work in standalone mode when the X3 is connected, all the packs show up as installed on the splash screen then I get told that there is no compatible device connected.


I have also tried the plugin from withing Ableton Suite and nothing shows up in the plugin section.


Thanks for looking.



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The license you get with the X3 is for the plug-in only, not for the standalone version. As far as getting the plug-in to show up in Ableton, I'm not sure how you do it, but most DAW will either search for plug-ins automatically, or you can manually load them if that doesn't work.

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Thanks guys I did set the path manually and its good to know the license is for the plugin only, I wont bother with it then, cause I'm getting the sounds through the X3 anyway so I suppose its irrelevant, and Ableton is not picking up the plugin, Ive copied it to its own folder, specified the pod path and still nothing, so I give up more time to play with the thing.


By the way If anyone on this forum wants a code for a free download of my App that shows how music theory relates to the guitar fretboard, drop me an email via

http://scaleviz.com and ill send you a code, the App is for iPhone/iPod only, still working on the next version, when my brain functions, which on the rare ocassion it does, but then I see one of my guitars staring at me. Doh!

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