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So 3.15 - Lets discuss NKS and parameter mapping in Komplete Kontrol & Ableton macros


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So if one owns KOMPLETE KONTROL , Ableton PUSH or MIDI controllers with knobs...


It would be great to adjust model block parameters via knobs. 


The plugin exposes lots of switches and buttons by name. But so far only seem to be able to control master input volumes etc - and not the 6 knobs or more representing parameters I the currently edited model I( amp, speaker or effect ) 


One hopes that soon Native Instruments will eventually deliver what's been promised - namely ability to host EFFECT plugins as well as instruments in KOMPLETE KONTROL. 


When this happens we'll for example - I'm guessing/hoping - be able to easily adjust the first 8 parameters in any model block, 


But not quite clear how this works in HN


Also with the hardware version of 3.15 there was mention of new MIDI control features there. Anyone have more info on that ?

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I had enough with NI... On two separate occasions I needed help to migrate their plugins and I was told it wasn't possible... But I managed to get it working by myself.

Useless tech support!  Their answer was that I needed to buy a new version of their software.


In the end, I got an apology from them for giving me the wrong info... after I sorted the problem.

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