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Whammy bar emulation in HD500x or Helix


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I'd like to know if the HD5000x or Helix can emulate a simple whammy bar effect (think Bigsby or old Strat) -  at most, up/down 1 whole step, polyphonic, with real good tracking...... like the Ventures would use it..

NOT Dive bombs, or psychotic bumble bees.....


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The one below here is the whammy bar effect modelled and included in the POD HD500/X





Inspired by Digitech Whammy. It can be controlled by the pedal, you can set your heel and toe values (+/- 24 half steps) and then glide between them.

I used it especially to change apparently the guitar tuning 1 half step or 2 down (for some Hendrix and SRV songs) and it tracked well polyphonically.


When I use it I put it at the very beginning of the chain, and for me it works... some others forum members here have reported instead bad results.



All about POD HD500/X

help and useful tips

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