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What happens when you switch models in real time?


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Yes, there’s a very short gap. It has never really bothered me, as I guess I rarely will be in a situation where I’m letting a note or chord ring out while using the pickup selector, but I’ve read a few people who have been bothered by it.

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Kevin Cadogan of Third Eye Blind has rigged the 5-way switch on his JTV-69 to switch quickly, using the Workbench HD application,

since he does song that require quick switching in the middle of the song. As a result, when his guitar comes in for servicing, he sends

in a custom model patch switch list, so I can check that each custom patch is in the correct switch position that it is supposed to be in.


Stevic McKay (who designed the Shuriken) of Twelve Foot Ninja, does similar custom patching making using of the model positions

and the 5-way switch positions.


Both very clever.


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