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Using a real pedal with Helix


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That's super easy. I have the same pedal too. Its a hard one to replace. I really like it. But there's a question you need to answer first. As you know that pedal can be used in front of an amp as an overdrive OR you can place it into your effects loop. How are you wanting to use it? I assume from your post you also want to use it in front of the Helix amp models?


If you want to use it as an overdrive, its very simple: Guitar --> TC Stark --> Helix Input.


That's all there is to it. Turn the Spark on and off as you need.


In my opinion, I find myself moving away from external pedals and the Helix (Stomp XL in my case). I really don't dig the sound of my physical pedals mixed with the amp models. I do have my amp connected via the 4CM and if I use my the Stomp with NO AMP model, then I'll use my physical pedals and supplement with models like compressors, modulation, delay and reveb. That's totally good. But mixing amp models, with physical pedals....not so much. That's just me and that has NOTHING to do with what you asked!!


If you want to use your Spark in the loop, that's a bit different and then I need to understand if you are using the 4CM or not.


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