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G10 Receiver flashing red, not detected by PC


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Hi all,

Does anyone else have the issue where your G10R Receiver only gives off a quick red flash when plugged in via USB and not detected by your PC? I tried multiple cables and ports to no avail. I also tried contacting Line 6 Support who essentially told me they don't care because it's a used unit (duh, what would it be, lol). Did by any chance anyone solve this? Cheers :)

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Mine base is blinking constantly, got new transmitter to it when other one got broken. Has never chaged it, just this red blinkin in base or sometimes not even that. 

I try to update firmware but they are some WUF files I cant open.

Line 6 updater doesnt find my G10 Relay so its useless.

Support wont help.


I guess I return y new transmitter to the shopsince they are selling broken stuff. This is not even the first broken Relay 10, I sent my first one back and got new.

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