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No Fuzz Clean Tone


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1) Make sure you don't have any fuzz box/distortion FX on.

2) Keep the 'Drive' level as low as possible.


A lot will depend on your guitar's pickups, too.  Humbuckers have a natural 'warm' distortion as opposed to single coil pickups.

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You should already have an undistored clean tone.  If you don't maybe try restoring the factory presets.  The manual explains how to do this.  If you've selected Clean Channel, have the effects off, & have the drive & channel volumes towards the low end of the scale this should ensure a fuzz free output.  If you are still experiencing fuzziness I expect you may have single coil pickups.  This is the typical strat/tele pickup.  Or P90 in the Gibson family.  The single coils don't cancel "hum".  This is why the Humbuckers are called humbuckers.  They cancel the hum.


Try a humbucker equiped guitar and see if you still hear the "fuzz".  If you do & you think you have set the amp up properly for a Clean Tone take it back where you bought it and ask the sales team if they think it's normal.  My amp is fuzz free on the Clean Channel using my SG (HB pickups).  With my Strat I get some hum, I expect it.  It's just the nature of the strat pickups.


Good Luck

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