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Helix damaged board


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Hello everyone, 
I would ask for help with the problem on the picture. 
Namely, several smd components burned on one part of the board. 
I would ask if any of you have a schematic of the board or if can take a close picture of the burned part so I can see the values of the smd resistors. 
Thank you in advance.



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I sympathize with your plight, but don't be surprised when there isn't a stampede of folks volunteering to crack open their devices for a photo shoot.


If I were you, I'd bite the bullet and open a service ticket before it ends up more f*cked up than it already is...

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As much as I'm one to have a dabble at most things, I agree with Phil_m and cruisinon2 on this one.

The current to burn those components came from somewhere and has probably damaged upstream components too, just not visually.


Most repair shops will just change the board.

Is it still in warranty? it's not your fault that a screw came loose.


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